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Auger Drive Units

Digga's New Generation Drive range for the ultimate in performance, quality and cost effectiveness.

30 years of design and development has produced the highest quality most extensive range of drives on the worldwide market today. Fully Australian manufactured and assembled using only the highest grade materials & strictest quality control. Easy drive selection, the New Generation Drives are optimised around the tonnage of your machine ensuring more accurate selection.


  • Compact high torque gearboxes for machines from 750kg up to 50 Tonne.
  • In built Pressure Relief standard on models PD6HF, PD8HF, PD10HF, PD12 - PD50.
  • Powered by high quality Eaton hydraulic motors - high torque, high efficiency performance.
  • 3 year gearbox & hydraulic motor warranty.
  • Full range of output shafts available upon request.
  • No case drains required.

Ideal Use:

Augering, drilling, tree planting, fencing, foundations, sound barriers and more.

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