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Digga Augers have been a successful performer for over 25 years. A robust double cut auger for all groud conditions. Available with various teeth & pilots including TungstenCarbide. Extension Shafts are available when greater digging depths are required. Digga Augers can drill through Earth, Clay, Concrete and Bitumen.


  • Light Industrial to Heavy Duty.
  • Single cut, Double cut and Fully-Flighted Augers available.
  • Custom made Augers of all types with most styles of Teeth available upon request.

Ideal Use:

Post hole boring, retaining footings, foundation drilling, screw anchoring, tree planting plus many other applications.

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A1 - One man machines A4 - Up to 4Tonne
A6 - Up to 12Tonne A8 - Up to 18Tonne
A12 - Up to 50Tonne Extensions
Custom Builds
Augers - A12 - Up to 50 Tonne
Augers - A8 - Up to 18 Tonne
Augers - A6 - Up to 12 Tonne
Augers - A4 - Up to 5 Tonne
Augers - A1 - One Man Machines
Augers - Extensions
Augers - Custom Builds