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Erkat Drum Cutters

Erkat provides reliable and robust, German made drum and wheel cutters ideal for trenching, tunnelling and mining applications as well as patch planners for the removal of asphalt & concrete.


Cutting drums are designed by Erkat to provide the optimum cutting power at the recommended rotation speeds for each individual model of rotary drum cutter. They guarantee smooth cutting action while utilising the maximum cutting power from each pick.


A choice of motor size, drum cutter width or length (for longitudinal cutters) provides severaloptions to adapt the drum cutter to excavator specifications, application and ground conditions. Erkat also offer narrow cut single wheel cutters, wood cutters, compost & mulch mixing paddle cutters, auger drive heads and cutting disc heads.


Erkat have comprehensive quality management systems covering components and assembly as well as a continuous product development program. As a result of these policies, Erkat drum cutters have acheived an exceptionally high level of reliability. Ultra strong and reliable gear drive unitsdriven by a high-efficiency radial piston hydraulic motor.


Drum cutters can be rotated through 360 degrees manually, in steps of 22.5 degrees, while attached to the excavator. Erkat also offer hydraulic rotators to make profiling a simple and easy task to perform without leaving the excavator cabin.


Transverse Drum Cutters Transverse Drum Cutters with Rotation Head



Longitudinal Drum Cutters Patch Planers / Concrete Grinders
Transverse Drum Cutters with Rotation Head
Patch Planers & Grinders
Longitudinal drum cutters
Transverse Drum Cutters