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Transverse Drum Cutters with Rotation Head

Rotators are an essential tool to obtain maximum productivity in specialist applications such as tunnel profiling, renovation of large surfaces, profiling diaphragm walls and working in limited space.  Erkat rotators are extremely robust as they have been designed to withstand the extremely high forces generated while working with rotary

drum cutters.  The materials chosen for the worm gear components provide mating surfaces capable of transmission of these forces with maximum wear resistance.

Hydraulic oil flow is directed through an orbital distributor to enable the drum cutter to be rotated through a continuous 360 degress with hoses becoming tangled.  The range of rotators currently available are:

  • ERU 1 for excavators from 3 - 8 tons
  • ERU 2 for excavators from 9 - 15 tons
  • ERU 3 for excavators from 15 - 20 tons
  • ERU 4 for excavators from 20 - 25 tons
  • ERU 5 for excavators from 25 - 35 tons
  • ERU 6 for excavators from 35 to 50 tons