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Mini Attachments - Mini Tilt Dozer

2 Models available: Angle blade and Angle/Tilt blade.


  • 46” Width Available.
  • 30° left and right angle.
  • 6° left and right tilt on Angle/Tilt model only.
  • Replaceable wear edge.

Angle blade includes hydraulic kit. Angle/tilt 6 way blade requires dual remotes or hydraulic kit order # DB-000010.



Angle Blade ML-000075 Angle/tilt blade ML-000080
Width (overall) 1193mm 1193mm
Length (overall)
558mm 558mm
Height (overall)
431mm 431mm
Rec Max Flow (LPM) 584mm 584mm
Rec Max Pressure (BAR) 1016mm 1016mm
Weight 116kgs 116kgs