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Trenching Attachments - Hydrive Trencher

The Hydrive trencher range are fitted with twin spoil removal augers for efficient spoil removal to both sides of the trench. Spoil Augers can be removed for close up trenching. The Hydrive Trencher is ideal for all skid steer loaders - Hydrive is suitable for trenching up to 1200mm digging depth and 300mm digging width, fitted with a 1 5/8" chain.


  • Dual Digging. Up to 900 or 1200mm with various Chain options
  • Planetary. Hi Torque - Low maintenance - Bearings running in oil for longer life
  • Side Shift Frame. Fitted to Skid Steer - Allows trenching close to walls, fences etc.
  • Twin Augers. Efficient spoil removal to both sides of Trench
  • Xtradrive (optional). Intertia power system for far superior digging performance.
  • Crumber Bar. Clean Trenches achieved with Spring Loaded Crumber Bar
  • Chain Options. Std Cup Tooth, Frost Cup Tooth, 70/30 Diggatac/Cup Tooth Combo, Full Diggatac
Model Chain Length Cutting Depth Cutting Width Max Flow (LPM)
Max Pressure (BAR)
Hydrive trencher
1200mm up to 1200mm 100mm - 300mm 50-80 240