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Trenching Attachments - Tractor Trencher

PTO tractor driven trencher designed for hydrostatic tractors up to 45 horse power. Ideal for trenching up to 1200mm digging depth and 300mm digging width, fitted with a 2" chain.





  • PTO shaft driven with heavy duty slip clutch for overload protection
  • Outstanding performance in both earth and hard ground conditions
  • Heavy duty 2" pitch chain with various chain widths available.
  • 600mm discharge auger places dirt well away from the Trencher.
  • Maximum trenching depth of 1200mm
  • Weight of Trencher complete with 150mm chain = 385Kg

Note: Front counter weight or loader bucket may be necessary for proper transportation and operation of the tractor and trencher.

Chain Length
Cutting Depth
Cutting Width
Tractor trencher
up to 1200mm
150mm - 300mm